Temple Run Oz cheats

Last updated: 08.07.15

Those players, who are addicted to playing Temple Run games, are presented another fine opportunity of playing such a game – this is Temple Run: Oz. This is one of the most popular and beloved games by players. Here we will talk about Temple Run Oz cheats.

Here, we represent a helpful guide to your attention that can be of great assistance to you concerning the hints and tips in the game. So, let’s look at it:

In case you’d like to be involved in the balloon fight game, you should do the following – when approaching the crossroads, you should take the right direction, and soon you’ll see the balloon. If you have already got to the balloon, you should take the rope and try to crawl inside.
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When playing the balloon fight game, remember that the emerald crystals mustn’t be hit (you’ll see them going from the rocks to the sky). Anyway, you can take some risks and try to gain some coins by taking some hits before the balloon is broken down.

You’ll be given an opportunity to change your environment and get into a completely new one. For this, you should move in the right directions at crossroads and successfully pass through the run until the new environment meter is entirely filled. Meanwhile, you’d better keep a gem with you for it may become helpful during the final meters.

As for the environments, they are of various types. From the very start, the road layout will undergo some dynamic changes. Therefore, you’ll have to get used to these changes, and be attentive towards the upcoming ones. For instance, if you happen to come across crumbling masonry or roots of trees, you should jump over them.

On the yellow brick road you may face enemies – you should avoid being caught by them by passing below. Be careful not to perform this too early so that not to appear right in front of them: you should wait for them to come closer to you (almost touching).

You may see some keys on the road – you should jump up and take them. When being reached the end of the run, a music box will become available for you. Choosing this or that music box will bring you coin bonuses and points.

Your abilities and skills should be upgraded time after time. For this, you should visit the game shop and use your coins to get power-ups and upgrades.

  • The Magic Magnet is used to drag the coins on the field toward you.
  • The Fireworks are used to keep your enemies away from you.
  • The coin bonuses will bring you cash on your run.
  • The Score Bonus is for improving your score in accordance with your multiplier.
  • The Shield is to keep you away from 1 unpleasant clash.
  • The Finley’s Boost is for providing safety for you, for some time, during your run.

You should get acquainted with the Double Coins capacities beforehand if you wish to gain more coins. This will make the coins, possessing a double-value, become available earlier during the run. As a result, you’ll be able to gain more cash, and more speed for improving your game areas.

Temple Run: Oz gives offers you 2 kinds of head starts. One of them is with 1000m boost, and the other one is with 2.500. They will require coins, and will offer only 1 trial.

Your coin meter will be filled up by acquiring an unbroken run of coins. After the coin meter is filled, a power-up (being available for a short time) can be activated for you via double tapping any part on the screen. So, you’ll e able to use these power-ups the moment they become active.

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Temple Run Oz cheats
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