Temple run glitch

Last updated: 08.05.15

Let’s talk about Temple Run Glitch, but It is actually fun without it. You can choose to play as Guy Dangerous or the other 6 characters that can only be unlocked by spending some amount of coins.

Yes, coins are essential and can be gained throughout the game. What you do is run around the temple while grabbing coins and power-ups. Well, if you don’t care about spending some bucks for virtual money, you can purchase 20,000 coins for just 20 bucks. It is a great deal and worth it.

The coins are essential simply because you use it to purchase items and contents such as characters, power-up upgrades and utilities. The utilities come in handy as you run around the temple but can only be used one at a time. It serves as your initial inventory and you can pre-choose it.
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As for the power-ups, these can only be acquired as you run through the temple and is temporary. Power-ups disappear after you use it or if your character dies.

When you activate the Temple Run glitch, Guy Dangerous’ way will turn straighter than ever – it runs through the temple in a very straight manner. You might be worrying about the character hitting obstacles but worry not. Just lay back and watch Guy Dangerous runs freely forever or until you decide yourself to stop.

Here is a step-by-step instruction to activate the Temple run glitch:

  1.  Enter the title screen. (Of course)
  2.  Open the Option. Just click or tap the option menu in the title screen.
  3. Turn on the Tutorial Mode. You can do this by turning it on in the option.
  4.  Start the game. You can now start playing and run throughout the temple. Tutorial will be available on how to turn on your screen.
  5.  (This is essential) Turn right with two lighting speed sweeps. When you are approaching your first right turn, you have to double-sweep as fast as you can, instead of sweeping once to turn.
  6. Viola! If ever you did it right and fast, the Temple run glitch is activated. You can easily tell if it is successful because the camera will turn around and your character will run straightforward non-stop. If you are unable to do this, then quit the game and start again with the process.

It’s sad to say that there are consequences when you activate the glitch. There won’t be any coins available for you to grab unless you are lucky enough and have mega coins. Yet, the power-ups remains. It’s not totally bad. After all, it won’t affect anything other than the scores. If you get bored watching your character running straight, then crash him to any of the sides. You can get unbelievable high scores with Temple Run glitch and you might want to boast it to your friends. Doing this in the internet seems nonsense though because a lot of people are aware of the glitch.

Temple run glitch
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