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Last updated: 08.05.15

Let’s talk about Temple run 2 cheats:

Here is another perfect game to enjoy – Temple Run 2! Start playing the game, and soon you’ll reach your runaway success. You can use the GameRevolution to speak out loud about your achievements and your high scores!

Before you get down to playing Temple Run 2, let’s look at some game tricks that will be of fine help to you during your play, by enabling you to run faster and longer, to gain more and more coins in the short run, and to make your friends be unaware of your hitting them and getting the first place! Now, let’s go through these tricks:
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Time Management

This is one of the crucial points in the game, and can be stated to be true of other Temple Run championships as well. So, you must never lose your time while running this or that distance – you must never stop, and you must keep on running! For this purpose, you should follow some steps. Well, if you’re on top speed, and there are too much turns and twists for you, you’ll try to run into a side-rail. This will decrease your speed and will set the Temple Run monster just behind you. If you perform this more than once, the monster will catch you.

The same will happen while overcoming other challenges. You’ll get a little time just for yourself by directing your character in the right way, but be careful not to get problems with destroyed bridges on your way – you can pass by if you’re moving on one of the sides of the road. If you want to have some space for maneuvering to the right or to the left, you can try jumping before reaching the broken part of the path, meanwhile being able to turn this or that way right in the air.

Upcoming Dangers

Being aware of your hazards will enable you to pass them by and get rid of them quite easily. Thus, you should have some hazard avoiding moves arranged in your muscle memory. For this purpose, you’ll need a lot of time and training. Then, as soon as you get mine carts, trees and rivers, and also figured-out Temple Run monsters, your troubles will become of less concern.

Best Way of Learning Temple Run 2

For this purpose, you should try to use the resurrection gems. The first time you save yourself will take only 1 gem from you. In order to bring back your runner, you should keep on doing this until you reach your goal. Remember that without such resurrection experience, you won’t be able to acquire higher scores, thus being unable to get the first prize. Well, you need to perform this time after time. Such victories, when you pay in order to survive and win, provide the most striking and exciting spirits to the game.

Hacking 999,999 Coins and 999 Gems

In order to hack, you should download the Temple run 2 Hacker Program, and then install and run it. After having successfully installed the game, you should fill in your GmeCenter ID, iTune email, or Google play ID in the spaces required. Finally, you’ll be asked to choose coins and gems, and then click the button “Let It Rain”. Sometimes, you’ll be asked to go through some surveys – you mustn’t worry for you’ll be using free coins and gems in fact!

Playing Hints

We suggest you several playing hints that you can exercise during the game quite easily.

Well, if you need to restart your game, you should possess Green Gems, for they are required in such cases.

If you complete challenges coming across during levels, you’ll be able to step a level up, thus gaining new rewards, and getting new available power-ups for your sake.

If you want to control the cart in this or that direction, you should manipulate the device correspondingly.

You should also get your abilities and skills upgraded time after time, for this will be of immense help to you. Remember that you can upgrade each of the abilities up to 6 times.

Gaining Free Gems

For this very purpose, you are advised to visit the Temple Run 2 in-app shop, and look for the place named “Get Free Stuff”. Then you should give a “like” to this game on Facebook.

Gaining Free Coins

In this case, you should go to the in-app shop in Temple Run 2, and search for the place called “Get Free Stuff”. Next, you need to follow the game on Twitter. As a result, 250 free coins will be yours.

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Temple run 2 cheats
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