Last updated: 08.06.15

At least Slotomania is correct at one point. It does a good job creating the experience of playing a slot machine. It is well light to keep you active in the game. Your cash slot will always drop as you play this exiting game. The big issue is this game is a true representation of a slot game it does not suit for a Facebook game.

You are given a few coins to begin with. As time goes you earn bonuses each time you log in daily. Most machines are locked and one farm themed is unlocked. This is the one you begin with and as you build your experience more and more are unlocked. Each machine you unlock comes with its unique theme. Anytime you make a spin a soft tune plays from this colorfully lit machine.

Like the real casino slot machines, you can make changes to your bet.

Moreover you can choose the number of lines you wish to match and the amount to wager. As you increase your level the number of lines to match also increases. In this game you need to just spin, just clicking the spin button waiting for the results and spinning again. You can greatly get repetitive with this spinning. Since no skilled and real cash involved this becomes a perfect game to always play.
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Once you get the right spin there are a few mini-games you can unlock. These are incorporated to make the game more of a video game. The only problem is that they are boring and no deeper explanation provided. For example, on the second machine you can play a Bubble Island-style puzzle game that, instead of testing your reflexes, simply tests your ability to guess the right answer. This does not make any sense and the instructions provided are vague.

With more than 10 machines to unlock, the process of ranking them is so slow making it appear as though you are just playing the same machine. No matter the machines having different themes and styles, the routine is just the same just spinning. There is nothing done that can make the spin a bit exciting like inducing pirates, cats etc.

Slotomania makes this mistake of making the game be like a real slot machine. This can work well in a Casino where there is the real chance of winning some cash. But for a Facebook game it is more of a process of repeating a similar thing all the time. The design is equipped with pretty presentations with handfuls of mini games that actually offer no enjoyment. This is just like Gambling with no intention to win but to spin and spin and spin.

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