Simpsons Tapped Out

Last updated: 08.05.15

Lets talk about Simpsons Tapped Out game. This game is a Farmville styled allowing each player to run a Springfield after a nuclear disaster trashes the city. The player undertakes the role to build roads, houses, bridges etc making Springfield an awesome place. As the town develops more Simpsons characters come to life. This provides an opportunity for them to perform some tasks like making Snow Angel, Watching TV, Condemning Science, Right, Flanders?


Each time a task gets done, the player is awarded some money, experience points, donuts or special currency that can used for holiday-themed purchases. Without money, this game is just nothing since money is all that make sit to thrive. I will recommend taking your time and building Springfield slowly not unless you want to speed it up by investing some real cash. For me my Springfield is small since I don’t like spending more money not unless I love it so much.

Players have the chance of sharing their Springfields with others. This allows them collect more points and earns them extra money to help them improve their fields. I have not tested this since I know nobody playing this game besides me. But it seems a wonderful way to compare cities and is fun in itself.
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The attractive part of this game is how it summarizes the Simpsons universe. For a fan there are in-jokes, hidden references and other nuances that will keep you happy all the time. Moreover my love for this game is further enhanced by its efforts to keep up to date. It has been around for a couple of months but already it has an expansion for Christmas and Halloween. I am optimistic for one to happen for the big holidays as well. It keeps game play pretty cool and charming as there are always new activities to be done like building new houses etc.


I however dislike a few things about the game too. First is the cost factor. As much as this game is free a player can hardly do anything of worth without adding any extra cash to it. For those willing to play for its sake without cheating, then you have a hard task ahead. It will require quite some effort form you to let Springfield reach its top.

I also don’t like the game reminders. Be ready to have the game silent if installed in you Ipad anytime you are not playing. This is because Homer is always ready to yell out something to entice you to play a little more. It was quite embarrassing for me when this happened once to twice at my work place. I want someone to let me know how to stop the reminders since I have not identified them personally.

Generally I see no objection as to why you should not download and try this game. The Simpsons Tapped Out is an amusing and sporty game that requires less of you, so long as you are okay with having a city that is not perfect. I always relax and check maybe once daily on my game to monitor my progress rather than waiting for a task to be completed or a new crop to come up. For the game am okay this will help you a lot as It has done to me.

Simpsons Tapped Out
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