Simpsons Tapped Out Cheats

Last updated: 08.05.15

Here are Simpsons Tapped Out Cheats:

Unlimited donuts

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Get 10 Extra Doughnuts and Jebediah Springfield Statue

During gameplay select Homer to display his task menu and then tap Homer ten times. If done correctly a message will appear to confirm correct code entry.

Every item apears in inventory

Tap all your characters( must have at least 5) after that enter “get more” for donuts, push buy and then cancel. Once it says you made maggie cry make one character do it’s 45 second thing then it accept the code

How to get 10 Free Donuts-(Works 1 Time!) and Jedediah Statue.

  • Open Task Bar-(If Closed) and Tap Homer-(10 Times!)
  • Confirm by tapping “Continue”

Add me as a friend Lvl. 24 BantuAwesome (Only allows lvl. 15- Up or If you have more than ten houses and 5 shops-(With holiday stuff included on houses. NO NOOBS LVL. 1- 14


150 free donuts

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Get great stuff from Homer Buddha.

Homer Buddha costs 15 donuts but gives you a premium item every time unlike the mystery box. Eg. I bought 200 donuts I spent most of it on mystery boxes then I clicked this thing called Homer Buddha a d it gave hans moleman after a couple of tries and the mystery box gave me squeekie voice teen after spending like 120 donuts on them mystery boxes. Got 15 donuts? Get homer Buddha

How to collect Santa coins

The xmas trees only generates coins every 24hrs, you will be able to collect coins from the trees only if you happen to collect it before someone else does or before the owner of the town does, is very rare to be able to collect them, only if you are lucky enough, is better to actually pay more attention to the town, if you see that the person has a xmas tree, go check on the simpsons house, if it has xmas lights on, it will give you a xmas coin, usually a person have 3 houses that are lighted up, if they have only 1 or 2 houses, focus on the simpsons house, collect the coin, exit, wait like a minute, and then go back into the town and I will let you collect again from the simpsons house, do this until you max out the 3 times. Hope this helps.

Simpsons Tapped Out Cheats
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