Rage of Bahamut

Last updated: 08.05.15

I had speculated too much about Rage of Bahamut nevertheless it did not disappoint me. Definitely you will collect cards and battle out other players. Moreover it is more of a browser game than what most expect of a right iOS title. It is all about your taste and preference to judge whether it is a good one or not. It takes a small thing to have you like something, for this game the screen will just get you glued to it.

Its foundation is all about collecting cards to enable you complete quests or battle other players to get better cards. This is just the basics of the game. As you advance you will complete quests to acquire treasures, more cards, cash, and experience for whichever card has been designated the Leader. The Leader card is used as expected to buy car packs, build a stronger deck, etc).

The completely arranged instructions are a quality feature not worth missing. This makes Rage of Bahamut a pinnacle of a beautiful face. Conquering and winning over your other players, is much satisfying and joyous. It is not magic it is just your ability to play safe and excel in the battles. With two similar cards you can sacrifice one and let the other evolve to a superior form. An unwanted double can be converted into experience even though an upgraded card goes to more extents. This makes unwanted double to benefit as well.
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The only big difference with Rage of Bahamut is that this game is rather strange in nature. The user interface is limited with essentials that make a game more appealing. It feels like you are playing on an old HTML website. This entirely is negotiable but more worse is that the Menus do not all fit in the games screen. This makes you to continually scroll down your screen. To reach some needed buttons. Moreover clarity is another issue as it took me a lot of time to change my deck’s Leader Card. Generally it performs well but one can feel rather disturbed.

Patience and getting used to the game will make it easier to scroll down the screens for available options. Rage of Bahamut features amazing things including clever ideas. Things get more interesting when they change unexpectedly for the goodness of the game play and performance.

Rage of Bahamut
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