Rage of Bahamut Guide

Last updated: 08.05.15

Here is Rage of Bahamut Guide:


Once you have this installed it will be upon you to choose your realm. In the end you will realize how good the choice you make is. So it is good for you to pick the art and design that suits you very well.

With an opportunity to use cards from any realm, you need to consider yours in a Battle (PVP content) since you will earn bonuses. Each human has more defensive stats, God’s balance and Demons which are offensive.


This should be a must to complete due to the knowledge acquired. You will receive information concerning how the basic mechanics of the game functions. The important task here is entering a referral code. Each code grants the same bonus of 100 000 Rupies (in game currency) and a similar RARE card. The card is usually seen to be useless but the coinage is equally important. Since all will just send you empty promises.
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All you have to do is register your device and receive everything moreover you have to enter code syk43202 to be able to claim items in the Presents menu. You do not have to fear for a virus or spam in your email. Ensure that you save your CURE WATER and HOLY POWDER for higher level use.


You just have to max out your friends as quick as possible. You begin this by selecting MENU then FELLOWS. Each extra friend you invite earns you +5 stats. So try to start with at least 5 to earn +25 stats. It really does not matter who you invite but send to those with 3/5 or4/5 since they just need a few to reach their targets. This is the simplest way of earning your early stats before you get to master the game properly.


Stamina is the word here. Load all your unused stats form fellows to stamina. I always see recommendations of 100, a50 sometimes 200, this depends on how you want to make your play. Stamina gets consumed through questing and earns you phat lewts (i.e. cards, rupies, and experience. It generates them at a rate of 1 point per minute. ATK PWR and DEF PWR allow you to build your ATK card deck and DEF card deck. This may not be mandatory but you need to put 3-5 points into them to build a decent starter deck. Note that these 2 Stats do not influence questing but rather they allow you to attack and defend against other players.


Your LEADER card should be your best card. It will appear as your avatar and you will often use it to fight Bosses and for questing. It also stands a chance of being summoned when fighting a Battle against other players. On to card decks… these are used to BATTLE other players. To protect your lewts in the beginning you need a strong DEF deck. You can only place up to a maximum of 5 cards on each deck be it the Defense or Attack deck.

Power Cost of a card will only show you how much power that particular card uses to summon. The best way to perform this is by using a 5 low power card than just using a 1 or 2 high power card to be stronger all the way. You can opt to improve your Leader card but it requires too much. Finally you will need to Max level a card in order to receive the Archive Bonus anyway.

This is enough to have you start the game. Once you are in the right track you can figure out your way and your next moves. If you may have any problems or questions just message me in game.

Rage of Bahamut Guide
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