Rage Of Bagamut Cheats

Last updated: 08.05.15

You are going to find a few but helpful Rage Of Bagamut Cheats. This way your game will be simple to learn and play.

Some Quick Tips

  1. For events and trade purposes, save cure waters and magic powder. I once sold cure powder for 75K a time I was desperate for rupees.
  2. Check if the card another player wishes to trade to you has fully evolved. For example if someone is willing to trade to you a fully evolved card “Rare” for your un-evolved “Rares” then you are being cheated.
  3. Join orders quickly since they offer chances of winning items by just contributing to your orders during events. You are also chanced to meet trading partners.
  4. You do not need to waste time mixing cards not unless the outcome is of a high rare, S rare or an SS rare after evolution. The value of gold equivalent to it is just of no good worth. Some argue not to do it unless it is an S or an SS.

About Stamina/Attack/Defense:


Stamina will provide you with the ability to keep questing. Thus you will have to acquire stamina first. You will have to play for a full hour since each minute is equivalent to gaining one stam.
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Each card you are provided with has a point value. These attack points dictate how many worth of cards to place in your attack deck. If for instance you have 100 points of attack, you can place them in 5 20 point cards and attack once. Or you can attack twice by placing 5 10 point cards. If you want to attack many times then you can just place 1 10 point card and make 10 attacks.


This determines the number of points worth defense to have placed on a deck. I am wishing to take mine to a level of 150 and let it stagnate there. Then later on I can raise it to a higher level since I have seen the cost of high level cards. This is because once you are just 100 points, people must think twice before attacking you.

Rage Of Bagamut Cheats
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