Last updated: 08.05.15

It is obvious that just a few people in the entire globe population love farming. And of those who love playing farming Sims I do not think they can actually enjoy doing farming. The truth is that not all people can wake up early in the morning to milk cows and rush to the fields to dig. With this beautiful videogame, be sure to do such stuff. In Hayday you will receive bets treatment to the modern farming Sims available.

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You have been given a large farm to take care. You will raise animals like chicken, cows, goats you will also grow and harvest crops like corn, wheat, beans etc Other regular jobs regarding to sustaining a ranch are all that you will perfect in doing. Your silo need be painted and your animals must be well fed. You must be welcoming since regular visitors needing eggs or bread will always pass by.

Quality graphics

The graphics are colorfully and decently designed. They are Rich, beautiful detailed, with landscapes and zoom and pan. For a mobile game Hayday interface is pretty and much of an eye candy to say. The controls blend well to the touch sensitive mobile screens. For instance you tap a plot and just run your fingers over it to collect grown crops across the field. Same controls will be used to make sales of animal products like milk, eggs etc. It is even fun as you can visit a friend’s farm via Facebook.
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Replay value comes in the form of achievements. You just click on your house and all the achievements you have unlocked will be displayed. You can take time to collect eggs from your farm and even milk from your cows. This takes some real time so you have to be patient to finish collecting and make sales of your products. It takes a few minutes for wheat to grow and a few hours for cows to produce milk. To speed up this process you can use the limited diamonds which you will acquire as the game progresses.

There is nothing new here since everything is common in our lives. With Farmville and its’ ilk, the social farming Sim has been pushed down our throats with nothing new at all. More time taking and uninteresting is the time taken reading through the tutorials. This time for game play just feels like it has been wasted.

The instructions are quite too much like.” “Now let’s build the stable.” Now let’s collect the eggs.” It feels of a big complaint but you have to be patient with the tutorials. It could be better to have small challenges in the instruction part to enable players to get an idea of the challenge. This can make the play easy before a new game play element or technique is added.

The tricky part of this game is the commerce part of it. People can post their advertisements in the newspapers in order to sell their goods to other players. It is a Neopoets-like system that connects players and their shops which adds a social element to the game. To make sales more competitive, there are computer buyers who will often appear in your farm to purchases.

This game is cool and it’s a great move to have to have it in the App Store for free. If you are a lover of simulation games, then Hayday is visually designed to keep you happy with the agricultural sector for hours.

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