Hayday Cheats

Last updated: 08.05.15

Hayday cheats are simple and easy to follow for you to progress well and hit higher levels.

Quick, Easy Money

This is simple each person can do it. Read through other’s newspapers and purchase in bulk construction materials like saws, hammers and dynamite from other people. For instance spend 400 c0ins on 5 items. Sell them later on between 180 to 220 coins a piece. On each item on your list include an advertisement detailing all the items you have for people to see.

Buying Missing Crops

If you miss any kind of crop just visit a friend’s farm. Search for their roadside shops and tap on it to see what they are selling. But if you are on level 17+ just open your newspaper and read what is being sold.
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Roadside Shop

On every thirty minutes you get a free advertisement. But while in your shop it all depends if you have an available slot to make a sale any time.

Wood Panels

You can use your diamonds to buy wood panels or find them in your treasure chest. Often they are readily found when harvesting crops since they just appear and go into your barn.

Bonemeal and crops

My friend and I were lucky to make some discovery in this game. You can join each other’s game and fertilize the crops with the player who joined. This requires using one player but not both. But unfortunately we could not figure out how to do it again.

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Hayday Cheats
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