Best IPhone Games at CityGamer Reviews and cheats for iPhone games Wed, 05 Feb 2014 19:46:33 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Temple run 2 cheats Mon, 01 Apr 2013 15:26:44 +0000 Let’s talk about Temple run 2 cheats:

Here is another perfect game to enjoy – Temple Run 2! Start playing the game, and soon you’ll reach your runaway success. You can use the GameRevolution to speak out loud about your achievements and your high scores!

Before you get down to playing Temple Run 2, let’s look at some game tricks that will be of fine help to you during your play, by enabling you to run faster and longer, to gain more and more coins in the short run, and to make your friends be unaware of your hitting them and getting the first place! Now, let’s go through these tricks:
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Time Management

This is one of the crucial points in the game, and can be stated to be true of other Temple Run championships as well. So, you must never lose your time while running this or that distance – you must never stop, and you must keep on running! For this purpose, you should follow some steps. Well, if you’re on top speed, and there are too much turns and twists for you, you’ll try to run into a side-rail. This will decrease your speed and will set the Temple Run monster just behind you. If you perform this more than once, the monster will catch you.

The same will happen while overcoming other challenges. You’ll get a little time just for yourself by directing your character in the right way, but be careful not to get problems with destroyed bridges on your way – you can pass by if you’re moving on one of the sides of the road. If you want to have some space for maneuvering to the right or to the left, you can try jumping before reaching the broken part of the path, meanwhile being able to turn this or that way right in the air.

Upcoming Dangers

Being aware of your hazards will enable you to pass them by and get rid of them quite easily. Thus, you should have some hazard avoiding moves arranged in your muscle memory. For this purpose, you’ll need a lot of time and training. Then, as soon as you get mine carts, trees and rivers, and also figured-out Temple Run monsters, your troubles will become of less concern.

Best Way of Learning Temple Run 2

For this purpose, you should try to use the resurrection gems. The first time you save yourself will take only 1 gem from you. In order to bring back your runner, you should keep on doing this until you reach your goal. Remember that without such resurrection experience, you won’t be able to acquire higher scores, thus being unable to get the first prize. Well, you need to perform this time after time. Such victories, when you pay in order to survive and win, provide the most striking and exciting spirits to the game.

Hacking 999,999 Coins and 999 Gems

In order to hack, you should download the Temple run 2 Hacker Program, and then install and run it. After having successfully installed the game, you should fill in your GmeCenter ID, iTune email, or Google play ID in the spaces required. Finally, you’ll be asked to choose coins and gems, and then click the button “Let It Rain”. Sometimes, you’ll be asked to go through some surveys – you mustn’t worry for you’ll be using free coins and gems in fact!

Playing Hints

We suggest you several playing hints that you can exercise during the game quite easily.

Well, if you need to restart your game, you should possess Green Gems, for they are required in such cases.

If you complete challenges coming across during levels, you’ll be able to step a level up, thus gaining new rewards, and getting new available power-ups for your sake.

If you want to control the cart in this or that direction, you should manipulate the device correspondingly.

You should also get your abilities and skills upgraded time after time, for this will be of immense help to you. Remember that you can upgrade each of the abilities up to 6 times.

Gaining Free Gems

For this very purpose, you are advised to visit the Temple Run 2 in-app shop, and look for the place named “Get Free Stuff”. Then you should give a “like” to this game on Facebook.

Gaining Free Coins

In this case, you should go to the in-app shop in Temple Run 2, and search for the place called “Get Free Stuff”. Next, you need to follow the game on Twitter. As a result, 250 free coins will be yours.

If you have more Temple Run 2 cheats or hacks – send it to us

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Temple Run Oz cheats Mon, 01 Apr 2013 15:16:30 +0000 Those players, who are addicted to playing Temple Run games, are presented another fine opportunity of playing such a game – this is Temple Run: Oz. This is one of the most popular and beloved games by players. Here we will talk about Temple Run Oz cheats.

Here, we represent a helpful guide to your attention that can be of great assistance to you concerning the hints and tips in the game. So, let’s look at it:

In case you’d like to be involved in the balloon fight game, you should do the following – when approaching the crossroads, you should take the right direction, and soon you’ll see the balloon. If you have already got to the balloon, you should take the rope and try to crawl inside.
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When playing the balloon fight game, remember that the emerald crystals mustn’t be hit (you’ll see them going from the rocks to the sky). Anyway, you can take some risks and try to gain some coins by taking some hits before the balloon is broken down.

You’ll be given an opportunity to change your environment and get into a completely new one. For this, you should move in the right directions at crossroads and successfully pass through the run until the new environment meter is entirely filled. Meanwhile, you’d better keep a gem with you for it may become helpful during the final meters.

As for the environments, they are of various types. From the very start, the road layout will undergo some dynamic changes. Therefore, you’ll have to get used to these changes, and be attentive towards the upcoming ones. For instance, if you happen to come across crumbling masonry or roots of trees, you should jump over them.

On the yellow brick road you may face enemies – you should avoid being caught by them by passing below. Be careful not to perform this too early so that not to appear right in front of them: you should wait for them to come closer to you (almost touching).

You may see some keys on the road – you should jump up and take them. When being reached the end of the run, a music box will become available for you. Choosing this or that music box will bring you coin bonuses and points.

Your abilities and skills should be upgraded time after time. For this, you should visit the game shop and use your coins to get power-ups and upgrades.

  • The Magic Magnet is used to drag the coins on the field toward you.
  • The Fireworks are used to keep your enemies away from you.
  • The coin bonuses will bring you cash on your run.
  • The Score Bonus is for improving your score in accordance with your multiplier.
  • The Shield is to keep you away from 1 unpleasant clash.
  • The Finley’s Boost is for providing safety for you, for some time, during your run.

You should get acquainted with the Double Coins capacities beforehand if you wish to gain more coins. This will make the coins, possessing a double-value, become available earlier during the run. As a result, you’ll be able to gain more cash, and more speed for improving your game areas.

Temple Run: Oz gives offers you 2 kinds of head starts. One of them is with 1000m boost, and the other one is with 2.500. They will require coins, and will offer only 1 trial.

Your coin meter will be filled up by acquiring an unbroken run of coins. After the coin meter is filled, a power-up (being available for a short time) can be activated for you via double tapping any part on the screen. So, you’ll e able to use these power-ups the moment they become active.

If you have more Temple Run Oz cheats – send it to us.

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Temple run glitch Mon, 04 Mar 2013 19:37:27 +0000 Let’s talk about Temple Run Glitch, but It is actually fun without it. You can choose to play as Guy Dangerous or the other 6 characters that can only be unlocked by spending some amount of coins.

Yes, coins are essential and can be gained throughout the game. What you do is run around the temple while grabbing coins and power-ups. Well, if you don’t care about spending some bucks for virtual money, you can purchase 20,000 coins for just 20 bucks. It is a great deal and worth it.

The coins are essential simply because you use it to purchase items and contents such as characters, power-up upgrades and utilities. The utilities come in handy as you run around the temple but can only be used one at a time. It serves as your initial inventory and you can pre-choose it.
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As for the power-ups, these can only be acquired as you run through the temple and is temporary. Power-ups disappear after you use it or if your character dies.

When you activate the Temple Run glitch, Guy Dangerous’ way will turn straighter than ever – it runs through the temple in a very straight manner. You might be worrying about the character hitting obstacles but worry not. Just lay back and watch Guy Dangerous runs freely forever or until you decide yourself to stop.

Here is a step-by-step instruction to activate the Temple run glitch:

  1.  Enter the title screen. (Of course)
  2.  Open the Option. Just click or tap the option menu in the title screen.
  3. Turn on the Tutorial Mode. You can do this by turning it on in the option.
  4.  Start the game. You can now start playing and run throughout the temple. Tutorial will be available on how to turn on your screen.
  5.  (This is essential) Turn right with two lighting speed sweeps. When you are approaching your first right turn, you have to double-sweep as fast as you can, instead of sweeping once to turn.
  6. Viola! If ever you did it right and fast, the Temple run glitch is activated. You can easily tell if it is successful because the camera will turn around and your character will run straightforward non-stop. If you are unable to do this, then quit the game and start again with the process.

It’s sad to say that there are consequences when you activate the glitch. There won’t be any coins available for you to grab unless you are lucky enough and have mega coins. Yet, the power-ups remains. It’s not totally bad. After all, it won’t affect anything other than the scores. If you get bored watching your character running straight, then crash him to any of the sides. You can get unbelievable high scores with Temple Run glitch and you might want to boast it to your friends. Doing this in the internet seems nonsense though because a lot of people are aware of the glitch.

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Clash of Clans Cheats Tue, 22 Jan 2013 19:45:54 +0000 Here are the best Clash of Clans Cheats:

Gold, Elexir and Gems Instant Hack. No download required

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Join a Clan

This is simple as you only need to rebuild a castle. Once it is ready you have the opportunity to battle out other users and win extra goodies.

Invite more friends to your clan

Let your facebook friends or even game centre friends first play Clash of Clans game. They must have an account and must have also rebuilt their castles. Once you have more friends the game becomes more interesting. Your friends will now be accessible via the friends menu. To battle it out with your friends, you only need to tap them from the context menu and choose invite. You can as well invite them from global chats since the process is the same.


This is a way to protect yourself from attacks by your friends for a given time frame. Once you attack another player or your time runs out, you immediately lose the shield. Automatic shield is granted for a 12 hour period once your village is destroyed by an enemy. The shops also sell long lasting shields that you can easily buy anytime. It is worth noting that if you exit the game without an active shield your castle will be exposed to attacks. This will give the enemy a chance to elope with most of your resources. The game offers a lot of protection solutions. You can build walls, traps and use defensive buildings since the terrain obstacles do not provide credible defense.

Smart Building

You must build your village in a way that the buildings are close to each other. This makes it easy to defend your village easily. With a compact village, it makes work easier for your turrets to offer smart defense.

Move and Make

The sweetness of this game is the possibility of moving buildings from one point to another. This makes you arrange your village to a good way to increase defense.

Defend Yourself

When going to ravage always ensure that you leave a standing army to offer protection to your village. This way you are sure that your village is safe and sound.


Important purchases require you to save your gems. Initially, with the pressure to build and train you will be tempted to use your gems. The worrying thing is that it takes time to have things ready and set. This needs patience and as time goes you will need to buy gems using real cash. Hang on to the few gems you get from clearing your area (trees, rocks, etc.).

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Clash of Clans Strategy Tue, 22 Jan 2013 19:26:32 +0000 You must use a smart Clash of Clans Strategy to help you perform and enjoy this game well. It will be a disappointment if the game does not please you due to choice of a poor strategy.

What you need first:

As a new player you just need to step up and protect your money and Elixir storages as they are later on needed. Their later use is to buy defense for protection.

Then later on:

Once you are done with the initial preparations you will require a Mortar. This mortar must be placed in the middle of your of your Village to help you take out more troops at once. You must as well protect your town hall people. If the town hall people break into the town hall they get an automatic win since most of them think it holds money and elixir.
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Wizard and Mortar Tower Location

Place the mortar or wizard tower in the centre of the village including the town hall. Then you need to put extra protection around them. Around that location you need to place the regular buildings army camps, barracks, builder’s hut etc. The archer tower and cannons should be spread between the regular buildings. Gold storages, gold mine, elixir collection and elixir storage should be at the very outside of the village. This proper planning is important before you get to higher levels where you can lose little gold/elixirs in battles.

Basic Village Layout

As it can be seen from the image, the Town Hall is protected on all sides from direct attacks. The Mortar too is protected. Click on the image for a better look.

  1. Protect your Town Hall!!
    This is the most important thing to always do. This will make an attacker walk away with no stars. Moreover, the Town Hall is an instant win for your opponent since if he or she destroys it. This Town Hall houses your resources and this makes it that important to protect it.
  2. Make it difficult to reach your mortar.
    In the initial stages of the game, the Mortar is the most important tower. Most probably keep in the centre of your village. It is worth noting that the Mortar cannot hit troops of close proximity to it (within, the red circle). It is just simple if you can protect your Mortar then it can protect you as well.
  3. Walls Walls Walls.
    Walls are so important when constructing your city. It should be good if you clearly understand what to put within your walls. Place your buildings close to them so that you do not waste wall perimeter. This makes your walls and buildings to stay compact. By doing this you must ensure the Town Hall or Mortar does stand alone without any protection. Next, you can decide where to place walls to increase defense.
  4. Make them pay!
    Once you have placed walls and imposed the basic security you will have a few buildings left. Keep them within the range of your towers rather than placing them randomly within the village. This will make your attackers pay for hitting anything within my city. They also offer extra protection to my other buildings.
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Clash of Clans Tue, 22 Jan 2013 19:13:04 +0000 Just a couple of months ago, Casinos were enjoying a huge surge of interest. But currently this interest seems to have moved to online games. It is even hard to tell which is more liked than the other. You can mistake yourself thinking that Clash of clans was another version of released Galaxy Life, Pocket adventures etc. These games differ in their visual appearances. But all base their play on just building a base and defending it from other players on an online platform. If you feel aggressive you can as well unleash your wrath on the other players. This worth to play game too has a lot to distinguish just like other games.


The only difference here is that Clash of Clans does not use the tired energy limitations that most other premium games employ. Instead to advance to another fierce level only depends on the gold and elixir you get form your missions. This rewarding way is motivational to many players who find the game more interesting as it progresses. It could have been uninteresting without such rewards after conquering a territory. For more exciting game check our Cheats for Clash of clans

The only worry is that the system consists of the same effect just like an energy bar. The moment you prosper in the game quests start asking for huge amounts of gold and elixirs. This amount takes a lot of time to accumulate. Worse of others require you to even remove a piece of your own debris from your playing field. You have to play safe to purchase some premium currency to speed up the process. You have to keep in mind that you are stuck with the energy bar for the time being.
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Clash of Clans

This does not necessarily mean you are stuck just waiting for quests to finish. You can launch an attack in other players’ territories. Or you can go attack NPC Goblins in single player maps. This is a smart opportunity for new players to practice against easier challenges. Advanced players can battle it out with other experienced humans. Deploying troops just lets them do the rest of the work on your behalf. In real placement of the troops there are some strategies involved. Check our section with strategies for Clash of Clans

It is an exciting game. The only problem is you cannot see the real battlefield until you have employed all your troops. Moreover you lose all the troops even if you win or lose the battle.

Generally this game is simple only that you have to be smart to excel in it. Just where you may be relaxed with your Iphone, you can enjoy some thrilling action playing this game. With many different units to choose from in the battle mode and play against enemies and earn rewards is what you should not miss at all. Try this combat against NPC Goblins and judge your mastery of the game and performance.

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Hayday Cheats Tue, 22 Jan 2013 19:06:05 +0000
Hayday cheats are simple and easy to follow for you to progress well and hit higher levels.

Quick, Easy Money

This is simple each person can do it. Read through other’s newspapers and purchase in bulk construction materials like saws, hammers and dynamite from other people. For instance spend 400 c0ins on 5 items. Sell them later on between 180 to 220 coins a piece. On each item on your list include an advertisement detailing all the items you have for people to see.

Buying Missing Crops

If you miss any kind of crop just visit a friend’s farm. Search for their roadside shops and tap on it to see what they are selling. But if you are on level 17+ just open your newspaper and read what is being sold.
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Roadside Shop

On every thirty minutes you get a free advertisement. But while in your shop it all depends if you have an available slot to make a sale any time.

Wood Panels

You can use your diamonds to buy wood panels or find them in your treasure chest. Often they are readily found when harvesting crops since they just appear and go into your barn.

Bonemeal and crops

My friend and I were lucky to make some discovery in this game. You can join each other’s game and fertilize the crops with the player who joined. This requires using one player but not both. But unfortunately we could not figure out how to do it again.

Hayday Overview. Hayday FB Page

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Hayday Tue, 22 Jan 2013 18:57:04 +0000
It is obvious that just a few people in the entire globe population love farming. And of those who love playing farming Sims I do not think they can actually enjoy doing farming. The truth is that not all people can wake up early in the morning to milk cows and rush to the fields to dig. With this beautiful videogame, be sure to do such stuff. In Hayday you will receive bets treatment to the modern farming Sims available.

Hayday hack Unlimited Cash and Diamonds. No download required

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You have been given a large farm to take care. You will raise animals like chicken, cows, goats you will also grow and harvest crops like corn, wheat, beans etc Other regular jobs regarding to sustaining a ranch are all that you will perfect in doing. Your silo need be painted and your animals must be well fed. You must be welcoming since regular visitors needing eggs or bread will always pass by.

Quality graphics

The graphics are colorfully and decently designed. They are Rich, beautiful detailed, with landscapes and zoom and pan. For a mobile game Hayday interface is pretty and much of an eye candy to say. The controls blend well to the touch sensitive mobile screens. For instance you tap a plot and just run your fingers over it to collect grown crops across the field. Same controls will be used to make sales of animal products like milk, eggs etc. It is even fun as you can visit a friend’s farm via Facebook.
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Replay value comes in the form of achievements. You just click on your house and all the achievements you have unlocked will be displayed. You can take time to collect eggs from your farm and even milk from your cows. This takes some real time so you have to be patient to finish collecting and make sales of your products. It takes a few minutes for wheat to grow and a few hours for cows to produce milk. To speed up this process you can use the limited diamonds which you will acquire as the game progresses.

There is nothing new here since everything is common in our lives. With Farmville and its’ ilk, the social farming Sim has been pushed down our throats with nothing new at all. More time taking and uninteresting is the time taken reading through the tutorials. This time for game play just feels like it has been wasted.

The instructions are quite too much like.” “Now let’s build the stable.” Now let’s collect the eggs.” It feels of a big complaint but you have to be patient with the tutorials. It could be better to have small challenges in the instruction part to enable players to get an idea of the challenge. This can make the play easy before a new game play element or technique is added.

The tricky part of this game is the commerce part of it. People can post their advertisements in the newspapers in order to sell their goods to other players. It is a Neopoets-like system that connects players and their shops which adds a social element to the game. To make sales more competitive, there are computer buyers who will often appear in your farm to purchases.

This game is cool and it’s a great move to have to have it in the App Store for free. If you are a lover of simulation games, then Hayday is visually designed to keep you happy with the agricultural sector for hours.

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Rage Of Bagamut Cheats Tue, 22 Jan 2013 18:45:55 +0000
You are going to find a few but helpful Rage Of Bagamut Cheats. This way your game will be simple to learn and play.

Some Quick Tips

  1. For events and trade purposes, save cure waters and magic powder. I once sold cure powder for 75K a time I was desperate for rupees.
  2. Check if the card another player wishes to trade to you has fully evolved. For example if someone is willing to trade to you a fully evolved card “Rare” for your un-evolved “Rares” then you are being cheated.
  3. Join orders quickly since they offer chances of winning items by just contributing to your orders during events. You are also chanced to meet trading partners.
  4. You do not need to waste time mixing cards not unless the outcome is of a high rare, S rare or an SS rare after evolution. The value of gold equivalent to it is just of no good worth. Some argue not to do it unless it is an S or an SS.

About Stamina/Attack/Defense:


Stamina will provide you with the ability to keep questing. Thus you will have to acquire stamina first. You will have to play for a full hour since each minute is equivalent to gaining one stam.
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Each card you are provided with has a point value. These attack points dictate how many worth of cards to place in your attack deck. If for instance you have 100 points of attack, you can place them in 5 20 point cards and attack once. Or you can attack twice by placing 5 10 point cards. If you want to attack many times then you can just place 1 10 point card and make 10 attacks.


This determines the number of points worth defense to have placed on a deck. I am wishing to take mine to a level of 150 and let it stagnate there. Then later on I can raise it to a higher level since I have seen the cost of high level cards. This is because once you are just 100 points, people must think twice before attacking you.

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Rage of Bahamut Guide Tue, 22 Jan 2013 18:34:42 +0000 Here is Rage of Bahamut Guide:


Once you have this installed it will be upon you to choose your realm. In the end you will realize how good the choice you make is. So it is good for you to pick the art and design that suits you very well.

With an opportunity to use cards from any realm, you need to consider yours in a Battle (PVP content) since you will earn bonuses. Each human has more defensive stats, God’s balance and Demons which are offensive.


This should be a must to complete due to the knowledge acquired. You will receive information concerning how the basic mechanics of the game functions. The important task here is entering a referral code. Each code grants the same bonus of 100 000 Rupies (in game currency) and a similar RARE card. The card is usually seen to be useless but the coinage is equally important. Since all will just send you empty promises.
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All you have to do is register your device and receive everything moreover you have to enter code syk43202 to be able to claim items in the Presents menu. You do not have to fear for a virus or spam in your email. Ensure that you save your CURE WATER and HOLY POWDER for higher level use.


You just have to max out your friends as quick as possible. You begin this by selecting MENU then FELLOWS. Each extra friend you invite earns you +5 stats. So try to start with at least 5 to earn +25 stats. It really does not matter who you invite but send to those with 3/5 or4/5 since they just need a few to reach their targets. This is the simplest way of earning your early stats before you get to master the game properly.


Stamina is the word here. Load all your unused stats form fellows to stamina. I always see recommendations of 100, a50 sometimes 200, this depends on how you want to make your play. Stamina gets consumed through questing and earns you phat lewts (i.e. cards, rupies, and experience. It generates them at a rate of 1 point per minute. ATK PWR and DEF PWR allow you to build your ATK card deck and DEF card deck. This may not be mandatory but you need to put 3-5 points into them to build a decent starter deck. Note that these 2 Stats do not influence questing but rather they allow you to attack and defend against other players.


Your LEADER card should be your best card. It will appear as your avatar and you will often use it to fight Bosses and for questing. It also stands a chance of being summoned when fighting a Battle against other players. On to card decks… these are used to BATTLE other players. To protect your lewts in the beginning you need a strong DEF deck. You can only place up to a maximum of 5 cards on each deck be it the Defense or Attack deck.

Power Cost of a card will only show you how much power that particular card uses to summon. The best way to perform this is by using a 5 low power card than just using a 1 or 2 high power card to be stronger all the way. You can opt to improve your Leader card but it requires too much. Finally you will need to Max level a card in order to receive the Archive Bonus anyway.

This is enough to have you start the game. Once you are in the right track you can figure out your way and your next moves. If you may have any problems or questions just message me in game.

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Rage of Bahamut Tue, 22 Jan 2013 18:29:47 +0000 I had speculated too much about Rage of Bahamut nevertheless it did not disappoint me. Definitely you will collect cards and battle out other players. Moreover it is more of a browser game than what most expect of a right iOS title. It is all about your taste and preference to judge whether it is a good one or not. It takes a small thing to have you like something, for this game the screen will just get you glued to it.

Its foundation is all about collecting cards to enable you complete quests or battle other players to get better cards. This is just the basics of the game. As you advance you will complete quests to acquire treasures, more cards, cash, and experience for whichever card has been designated the Leader. The Leader card is used as expected to buy car packs, build a stronger deck, etc).

The completely arranged instructions are a quality feature not worth missing. This makes Rage of Bahamut a pinnacle of a beautiful face. Conquering and winning over your other players, is much satisfying and joyous. It is not magic it is just your ability to play safe and excel in the battles. With two similar cards you can sacrifice one and let the other evolve to a superior form. An unwanted double can be converted into experience even though an upgraded card goes to more extents. This makes unwanted double to benefit as well.
[php snippet=1]
The only big difference with Rage of Bahamut is that this game is rather strange in nature. The user interface is limited with essentials that make a game more appealing. It feels like you are playing on an old HTML website. This entirely is negotiable but more worse is that the Menus do not all fit in the games screen. This makes you to continually scroll down your screen. To reach some needed buttons. Moreover clarity is another issue as it took me a lot of time to change my deck’s Leader Card. Generally it performs well but one can feel rather disturbed.

Patience and getting used to the game will make it easier to scroll down the screens for available options. Rage of Bahamut features amazing things including clever ideas. Things get more interesting when they change unexpectedly for the goodness of the game play and performance.

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Simpsons Tapped Out Cheats Tue, 22 Jan 2013 18:15:28 +0000 Here are Simpsons Tapped Out Cheats:

Unlimited donuts

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Get 10 Extra Doughnuts and Jebediah Springfield Statue

During gameplay select Homer to display his task menu and then tap Homer ten times. If done correctly a message will appear to confirm correct code entry.

Every item apears in inventory

Tap all your characters( must have at least 5) after that enter “get more” for donuts, push buy and then cancel. Once it says you made maggie cry make one character do it’s 45 second thing then it accept the code

How to get 10 Free Donuts-(Works 1 Time!) and Jedediah Statue.

  • Open Task Bar-(If Closed) and Tap Homer-(10 Times!)
  • Confirm by tapping “Continue”

Add me as a friend Lvl. 24 BantuAwesome (Only allows lvl. 15- Up or If you have more than ten houses and 5 shops-(With holiday stuff included on houses. NO NOOBS LVL. 1- 14


150 free donuts

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Get great stuff from Homer Buddha.

Homer Buddha costs 15 donuts but gives you a premium item every time unlike the mystery box. Eg. I bought 200 donuts I spent most of it on mystery boxes then I clicked this thing called Homer Buddha a d it gave hans moleman after a couple of tries and the mystery box gave me squeekie voice teen after spending like 120 donuts on them mystery boxes. Got 15 donuts? Get homer Buddha

How to collect Santa coins

The xmas trees only generates coins every 24hrs, you will be able to collect coins from the trees only if you happen to collect it before someone else does or before the owner of the town does, is very rare to be able to collect them, only if you are lucky enough, is better to actually pay more attention to the town, if you see that the person has a xmas tree, go check on the simpsons house, if it has xmas lights on, it will give you a xmas coin, usually a person have 3 houses that are lighted up, if they have only 1 or 2 houses, focus on the simpsons house, collect the coin, exit, wait like a minute, and then go back into the town and I will let you collect again from the simpsons house, do this until you max out the 3 times. Hope this helps.

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Simpsons Tapped Out Tue, 22 Jan 2013 17:56:35 +0000 Lets talk about Simpsons Tapped Out game. This game is a Farmville styled allowing each player to run a Springfield after a nuclear disaster trashes the city. The player undertakes the role to build roads, houses, bridges etc making Springfield an awesome place. As the town develops more Simpsons characters come to life. This provides an opportunity for them to perform some tasks like making Snow Angel, Watching TV, Condemning Science, Right, Flanders?


Each time a task gets done, the player is awarded some money, experience points, donuts or special currency that can used for holiday-themed purchases. Without money, this game is just nothing since money is all that make sit to thrive. I will recommend taking your time and building Springfield slowly not unless you want to speed it up by investing some real cash. For me my Springfield is small since I don’t like spending more money not unless I love it so much.

Players have the chance of sharing their Springfields with others. This allows them collect more points and earns them extra money to help them improve their fields. I have not tested this since I know nobody playing this game besides me. But it seems a wonderful way to compare cities and is fun in itself.
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The attractive part of this game is how it summarizes the Simpsons universe. For a fan there are in-jokes, hidden references and other nuances that will keep you happy all the time. Moreover my love for this game is further enhanced by its efforts to keep up to date. It has been around for a couple of months but already it has an expansion for Christmas and Halloween. I am optimistic for one to happen for the big holidays as well. It keeps game play pretty cool and charming as there are always new activities to be done like building new houses etc.


I however dislike a few things about the game too. First is the cost factor. As much as this game is free a player can hardly do anything of worth without adding any extra cash to it. For those willing to play for its sake without cheating, then you have a hard task ahead. It will require quite some effort form you to let Springfield reach its top.

I also don’t like the game reminders. Be ready to have the game silent if installed in you Ipad anytime you are not playing. This is because Homer is always ready to yell out something to entice you to play a little more. It was quite embarrassing for me when this happened once to twice at my work place. I want someone to let me know how to stop the reminders since I have not identified them personally.

Generally I see no objection as to why you should not download and try this game. The Simpsons Tapped Out is an amusing and sporty game that requires less of you, so long as you are okay with having a city that is not perfect. I always relax and check maybe once daily on my game to monitor my progress rather than waiting for a task to be completed or a new crop to come up. For the game am okay this will help you a lot as It has done to me.

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Slotomania Cheats Tue, 22 Jan 2013 17:44:08 +0000 Lets talk about Slotomania Cheats: The best and easy way to rise first in levels is to bet huge amounts.

For example if you make a bet for 20 lines at $1 each you end up leveling up 20 points per spin. However if you are smart enough you should bet $5 for each of the 20 lines to end up with 100 points.

This involves a greater risk but you come to realize that later on it balances up.
You can possibly save lots of money and later on go to Civil Treasure and bet x15, x20 or x25, if you happen to get a bonus here you receive great boost.

Why people use Slotomania cheats or Slotomania hack?

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With current advancements in technology we are able to clone the data and make our games easier. Virtual cash enable you to confidently play and overtake friends in weekly contests allowing you to win more cash. This sounds pretty well since it is fun as it requires no technical knowledge like programming to launch Slotomania cheats.

We provide to you the biggest pack of available cheats. Our daily work aims at providing cheats for web browser games. Your Facebook account and PC is too protected thus you need not to worry at all. The developers of this game designed it in such a way that we do not need to take any data from you. The only data we deal with is that taken from Flash game and imports back the new balance. It works that simple.

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Slotomania Tue, 22 Jan 2013 17:36:28 +0000 At least Slotomania is correct at one point. It does a good job creating the experience of playing a slot machine. It is well light to keep you active in the game. Your cash slot will always drop as you play this exiting game. The big issue is this game is a true representation of a slot game it does not suit for a Facebook game.

You are given a few coins to begin with. As time goes you earn bonuses each time you log in daily. Most machines are locked and one farm themed is unlocked. This is the one you begin with and as you build your experience more and more are unlocked. Each machine you unlock comes with its unique theme. Anytime you make a spin a soft tune plays from this colorfully lit machine.

Like the real casino slot machines, you can make changes to your bet.

Moreover you can choose the number of lines you wish to match and the amount to wager. As you increase your level the number of lines to match also increases. In this game you need to just spin, just clicking the spin button waiting for the results and spinning again. You can greatly get repetitive with this spinning. Since no skilled and real cash involved this becomes a perfect game to always play.
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Once you get the right spin there are a few mini-games you can unlock. These are incorporated to make the game more of a video game. The only problem is that they are boring and no deeper explanation provided. For example, on the second machine you can play a Bubble Island-style puzzle game that, instead of testing your reflexes, simply tests your ability to guess the right answer. This does not make any sense and the instructions provided are vague.

With more than 10 machines to unlock, the process of ranking them is so slow making it appear as though you are just playing the same machine. No matter the machines having different themes and styles, the routine is just the same just spinning. There is nothing done that can make the spin a bit exciting like inducing pirates, cats etc.

Slotomania makes this mistake of making the game be like a real slot machine. This can work well in a Casino where there is the real chance of winning some cash. But for a Facebook game it is more of a process of repeating a similar thing all the time. The design is equipped with pretty presentations with handfuls of mini games that actually offer no enjoyment. This is just like Gambling with no intention to win but to spin and spin and spin.

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