Clash of Clans

Last updated: 08.05.15

Just a couple of months ago, Casinos were enjoying a huge surge of interest. But currently this interest seems to have moved to online games. It is even hard to tell which is more liked than the other. You can mistake yourself thinking that Clash of clans was another version of released Galaxy Life, Pocket adventures etc. These games differ in their visual appearances. But all base their play on just building a base and defending it from other players on an online platform. If you feel aggressive you can as well unleash your wrath on the other players. This worth to play game too has a lot to distinguish just like other games.


The only difference here is that Clash of Clans does not use the tired energy limitations that most other premium games employ. Instead to advance to another fierce level only depends on the gold and elixir you get form your missions. This rewarding way is motivational to many players who find the game more interesting as it progresses. It could have been uninteresting without such rewards after conquering a territory. For more exciting game check our Cheats for Clash of clans

The only worry is that the system consists of the same effect just like an energy bar. The moment you prosper in the game quests start asking for huge amounts of gold and elixirs. This amount takes a lot of time to accumulate. Worse of others require you to even remove a piece of your own debris from your playing field. You have to play safe to purchase some premium currency to speed up the process. You have to keep in mind that you are stuck with the energy bar for the time being.
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Clash of Clans

This does not necessarily mean you are stuck just waiting for quests to finish. You can launch an attack in other players’ territories. Or you can go attack NPC Goblins in single player maps. This is a smart opportunity for new players to practice against easier challenges. Advanced players can battle it out with other experienced humans. Deploying troops just lets them do the rest of the work on your behalf. In real placement of the troops there are some strategies involved. Check our section with strategies for Clash of Clans

It is an exciting game. The only problem is you cannot see the real battlefield until you have employed all your troops. Moreover you lose all the troops even if you win or lose the battle.

Generally this game is simple only that you have to be smart to excel in it. Just where you may be relaxed with your Iphone, you can enjoy some thrilling action playing this game. With many different units to choose from in the battle mode and play against enemies and earn rewards is what you should not miss at all. Try this combat against NPC Goblins and judge your mastery of the game and performance.

Clash of Clans
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