Clash of Clans Strategy

Last updated: 08.05.15

You must use a smart Clash of Clans Strategy to help you perform and enjoy this game well. It will be a disappointment if the game does not please you due to choice of a poor strategy.

What you need first:

As a new player you just need to step up and protect your money and Elixir storages as they are later on needed. Their later use is to buy defense for protection.

Then later on:

Once you are done with the initial preparations you will require a Mortar. This mortar must be placed in the middle of your of your Village to help you take out more troops at once. You must as well protect your town hall people. If the town hall people break into the town hall they get an automatic win since most of them think it holds money and elixir.
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Wizard and Mortar Tower Location

Place the mortar or wizard tower in the centre of the village including the town hall. Then you need to put extra protection around them. Around that location you need to place the regular buildings army camps, barracks, builder’s hut etc. The archer tower and cannons should be spread between the regular buildings. Gold storages, gold mine, elixir collection and elixir storage should be at the very outside of the village. This proper planning is important before you get to higher levels where you can lose little gold/elixirs in battles.

Basic Village Layout

As it can be seen from the image, the Town Hall is protected on all sides from direct attacks. The Mortar too is protected. Click on the image for a better look.

  1. Protect your Town Hall!!
    This is the most important thing to always do. This will make an attacker walk away with no stars. Moreover, the Town Hall is an instant win for your opponent since if he or she destroys it. This Town Hall houses your resources and this makes it that important to protect it.
  2. Make it difficult to reach your mortar.
    In the initial stages of the game, the Mortar is the most important tower. Most probably keep in the centre of your village. It is worth noting that the Mortar cannot hit troops of close proximity to it (within, the red circle). It is just simple if you can protect your Mortar then it can protect you as well.
  3. Walls Walls Walls.
    Walls are so important when constructing your city. It should be good if you clearly understand what to put within your walls. Place your buildings close to them so that you do not waste wall perimeter. This makes your walls and buildings to stay compact. By doing this you must ensure the Town Hall or Mortar does stand alone without any protection. Next, you can decide where to place walls to increase defense.
  4. Make them pay!
    Once you have placed walls and imposed the basic security you will have a few buildings left. Keep them within the range of your towers rather than placing them randomly within the village. This will make your attackers pay for hitting anything within my city. They also offer extra protection to my other buildings.
Clash of Clans Strategy
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