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Last updated: 08.05.15

Here are the best Clash of Clans Cheats:

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Join a Clan

This is simple as you only need to rebuild a castle. Once it is ready you have the opportunity to battle out other users and win extra goodies.

Invite more friends to your clan

Let your facebook friends or even game centre friends first play Clash of Clans game. They must have an account and must have also rebuilt their castles. Once you have more friends the game becomes more interesting. Your friends will now be accessible via the friends menu. To battle it out with your friends, you only need to tap them from the context menu and choose invite. You can as well invite them from global chats since the process is the same.


This is a way to protect yourself from attacks by your friends for a given time frame. Once you attack another player or your time runs out, you immediately lose the shield. Automatic shield is granted for a 12 hour period once your village is destroyed by an enemy. The shops also sell long lasting shields that you can easily buy anytime. It is worth noting that if you exit the game without an active shield your castle will be exposed to attacks. This will give the enemy a chance to elope with most of your resources. The game offers a lot of protection solutions. You can build walls, traps and use defensive buildings since the terrain obstacles do not provide credible defense.

Smart Building

You must build your village in a way that the buildings are close to each other. This makes it easy to defend your village easily. With a compact village, it makes work easier for your turrets to offer smart defense.

Move and Make

The sweetness of this game is the possibility of moving buildings from one point to another. This makes you arrange your village to a good way to increase defense.

Defend Yourself

When going to ravage always ensure that you leave a standing army to offer protection to your village. This way you are sure that your village is safe and sound.


Important purchases require you to save your gems. Initially, with the pressure to build and train you will be tempted to use your gems. The worrying thing is that it takes time to have things ready and set. This needs patience and as time goes you will need to buy gems using real cash. Hang on to the few gems you get from clearing your area (trees, rocks, etc.).

Clash of Clans Cheats
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